Wedding Checklist

Wedding ChecklistMarriage can be a very hectic event if one does not make prior and proper preparation for it. An organized ‘To-Do-List’ can help you to shape and strategize a marriage ceremony in a perfect manner. There are so many things that one needs to consider while preparing for an emotional event like marriage. Starting from finalizing a date for the occasion, selecting bridal outfits, to programs for looking after the invitees; one must take care of everything.

If you are looking for a perfect marriage party; you are advised to stay organized with your free wedding planning checklist. It is important to know exactly what to do and when to do.
Things to consider in a Wedding Planning Checklist:

– Choose a date
– Work out the budget
– Discover the wedding style
– Finalize party theme
– Order the engagement ring
– Prepare the guest list
– Choose the venue and reserve
– Research photographers, bands, florists, and caterers and decide
– Hire a planner (if required)
– Shop for bridesmaids’ dresses
– Order the wedding cake
– Order the bridal gown/ dress for groom
– Pick up the dress or make arrangements for a delivery
– Send out the invitations
– Arrange for transpiration
– Plan welcome baskets
– Book a spa treatment
– Decide honeymoon plans and make sure all documents are in order and many more.

Developing a Wedding Checklist is time-consuming and tedious. The event demands a proper location or venue that needs to be finalized. The place should be such that the invitees can reach comfortably. At times, you need to make arrangements for temporary accommodation for guests who might have traveled a long distance to attend the occasion.

However, probably the most complex and important task is to make a list of the invitees. This, in, fact, affects the budget as well. Nevertheless, one simply cannot afford to ignore anyone. After preparing the guest list, something that bothers you most is the catering. It might be extremely difficult to make arrangements for quality food all alone. Professional caterers are available in almost every locality, and you may even search for such service providers online or refer to the local newspaper as well.

Playing proper music can affect the overall mood of the occasion. Consider hiring professional DJs or bands to take care of all the responsibilities that make the occasion a memorable one. The decoration is another important aspect or task that has a huge impact on the invitees. Making perfect beautification of the venue with flowers, other decorative items; including lighting can make the event successful and unforgettable.

The happiness and excitement of marriage ceremony can turn into a nightmare without proper planning. The list helps to keep track of all the requirements. A perfectly planned to-do-list can make the event smoother and something to cherish for a long time. If you find it difficult to handle single-handed; consider appointing a professional. Convey your valuable ideas, wishes and budget; take suggestions from them to make the event successful. Enjoy the auspicious occasion and stay blessed!