How to Plan the Best Bridal Shower

How to Plan the Best Bridal ShowerThis content is perfect for the maid of honors. If your best friend is about to get married and she assigned you to be her maid of honor, it is now your duty to throw her an unforgettable bridal shower. Now, if it is your first time handling this, don’t worry because we are your best friends when it comes to this matter. We have a lot of fun stuff in store for the bride-to-be in her last day of being a single woman. If guys can have a blast on their stag party, then so should be the bride’s squad.

Bridal showers have been a tradition that every future bride must take part of. Why? Because it is so much fun! Plus, it is something that symbolizes your transition to a new chapter of your life. A fun transition if we can add that. The move from being single to married doesn’t have to be boring and very “adult.” The bridal shower should be fun and a bit reminiscing of a woman’s single life. And if you’re the maid of honor, I suggest that you pay attention to the things I’m about to suggest right now.

1. Make a list of the people who will be invited. You want this thing organized ahead of time. Ask the bride if she wants it simple or crazy. If she wants it simple, then you can breathe because this is going to be easy.

2. But whether it is simple or not, keeping it quaint and personal would make the whole event a blast. I’m assuming you are her best friend so that means you would know who to be around and not around in this party. Don’t invite people she won’t to be there of course.

3. If you want an old school pajama or slumber party, renting a hotel room would be your best location. You can also just use the bride’s house and rent a DJ. There should be good background music in the scene or it would be so boring.

4. Think of a theme that would go for the party. The funnier it is, the more awesome it becomes.

5. Don’t forget the food! If it’s a quaint bridal shower, how about you ask the guests to bring food. It could be a potluck. If you don’t want to go for that, then serve the safe foods that are present on parties like pastas, chips and pretty much all comfort foods.

6. The drinks MUST be alcoholic. I’m assuming you’re all adults here so yes; booze would make the night even more fun. Just drink responsively of course.

These are the things that you must prepare for the bridal shower. Others would go for a male stripper to contribute to the fun, but in my opinion, that is really not necessary. You can have a lot of fun just being around with the girls and a lot of food and good music.