Beginner’s Guide to Avoid Mistakes for a Perfect Wedding Photography

wedding-854977_1280Normally, beginners tend to commit mistakes when it comes to wedding photography since they still lack experience and knowledge that professionals efficiently have. However, there are helpful ways in order to avoid these gaffes and achieve perfect photography in no time. Also, you can improve your skills while taking advantage of these useful tips so that you can create stunning photos in any wedding event.

In fact, shooting wedding events can be a difficult assignment for photographers because there is incredibly high risk for potential issues. Hence, to keep these errors at low risk, you will learn about the common mistakes that wedding photographers make when shooting the event with tips on how to get rid of them. Take note of the following mistakes for you to achieve perfect photography from Paul Hubbard Essex:

  • Lack of experience – if you own an advanced camera or DSLR, it’s more likely to cover some special family gatherings like weddings. However, it’s really important that you stay realistic when it comes to your capabilities in photography before accepting the assignment especially when you’re paid to perform such responsibility. You have to be honest about your photography experience but never let someone down you just because you lack experience. All you need is the perfect kit including two cameras, set of lenses, and flashguns.
  • Poor subject exposure – the bride’s wedding gown is indeed the best highlight of the wedding so you have to make sure that you have the right angle in shooting in order to get the best photo. The common mistake committed by wedding photographers is overexposing the white dress of the bride making it look mucky and lack in detail. However, you can correct this through post capture but you have to allow a bit of underexposure in order to prevent it from losing detail when matched with the dark suit of the groom.

The best way to do when covering an event such as weddings is to come prepared and be confident enough when using your camera. Since this is a once in a lifetime event, it is really important to make sure that every special moment is captured at the best angle so that it would be more appealing to look at the images made after the shooting.

In fact, if you think that working as the chief photographer is already a big responsibility, you can always ask for assistance to help you out during the entire event. Photographer duties, shooting angles, duplicating pro shots, and getting ideal background shots are all a fun and exciting experience to be honest. If you love this craft, you’ll going to love the whole experience too!

Digital cameras actually provide greater advantage compared to film cameras in terms of exposure and taking shot while adjusting the lenses accordingly. One tip is to activate the histogram view of your camera to produce photos at the right angle. Through highlight warning activation, it will be easier for you to shoot again after the burned-out areas have flashed.

The Advantages Of Buying Rings Online

Women's Wedding RingsGone are the days when people used to have to fall in line in stores just to buy a product that is on sale (okay, except on Black Fridays in the US). Most of the products that one needs these days can already be purchased via the Internet. Even engagement and wedding rings are now available online! There are so many advantages of buying your desired ring on the web and here they are.

  1. Fast and Easy- you don’t have to go through a line just to pay the cashier. You don’t even need to go out of the house and pay for gas in case your house is far from the store. All the convenience of doing it at home has been available since science has blessed the human race with this gift called the Internet. All transactions are made fast and easy.
  2. Safe- it’s safer now to buy an engagement ring online, especially if there is a diamond on it. Why? Because you reduce the risk of being mugged! You just have to wait for it to be delivered right at your doorstep. You eliminate the risk of having your life in danger carrying something valuable and really expensive. You no longer have to worry about that when you order online.
  3. Discounts- ordering online could even get you some discounts. It would always depend on the online store’s current promo, but most of the time they have some great deals for first time clients.
  4. Just Use Credit Card- if you’re strapped for cash to pay for it, all you need is your credit card and you’re good to go! This is one of the things you have to be grateful about online shopping and that’s all of them accepts major credit cards. This also again gives you more security and safety because you don’t have to go out carrying a lot of cash that could risk your life as well.
  5. Customize Your Ring- just because it’s online, doesn’t mean you can’t customize your engagement or wedding ring. You can simply choose on the available features that the online store would offer like embossing you and your partner’s name on it. Some would even add other designs on their requested rings.

Basically, buying rings online saves you a lot of time and energy than buying it from a physical store. Your partner won’t even catch you sneaking out to go to a store, so it would even make the whole plan even more surprising for your beloved. If you are still a little bit skeptical about buying online, let us tell you that all you need to make sure is that it’s a legit online store.

We know that there could be a lot of fraudulent shops out there, but there are a lot as well that deliver with quality and great service. Take for example. The site is a legit store that would cater to all your wedding and engagement needs.

A Bride’s Guide to An Indian Wedding

A Bride’s Guide to An Indian WeddingThere are different social objectives for wedding brides across the world in terms of fashion and putting on a costume, but all societies highlight the beauty of the new bride above all else. She is expected to be the best dressed; the one in the most resplendent clothing and jewelry, the one who is unique above everyone else. In Native Indian lifestyle this concept is known as the ‘sola shringar’ or 16 accessories. These are the 16 putting on a costume, jewelry and design tricks that differentiate a new bride from all the other females and which every new bride has to put on as aspect of her wedding get-up. It includes such things as the ‘shadi ka joda’ or wedding clothing (be it a saree, lehenga choli or salwar kameez) as well as make-up components like kajal, lip stick, bindi, alta (henna body art for the feet) and mehendi (intricate henna body art for the hands and arms).

Most of the other components are wedding jewelry and this is no surprise considering Native Indian marriages are all about the jewelry. An Indian wedding is not the time to go simple and this concept is applicable to no one more than the new bride herself. These are some of the essential items you would find in conventional wedding jewelry sets:


This is a very essential kind of Native Indian wedding jewelry that is used across the country. It is basically a temple decoration which is connected to the locks and ends just below the locks line. There are many local and social modifications of this kind of locks and forehead decoration.


The earrings used as aspect of Native Indian wedding jewelry tend to be huge and decorative. Popular conventional modifications include the Polki ear-rings, created with uncut gemstones, and ear cuffs that increase up until the locks line.

Nose-rings or Nath

These are different from our regular concept of nose-rings, being both bulkier and better looking and in the style of a huge ring rather than a little man. More often than not, they are created using pearl jewelry and silver with a slim sequence linking to the locks or ear decorations.


Indian wedding jewelry usually includes several necklaces and necklaces, created of silver, pearl jewelry, valuable and semi-precious rocks and gems. Kundan and Thewa wedding jewelry places often have huge, multi-layered necklaces with complex filigree designs.


This is huge silver bracelets are used around the upper hands.


This is a circlet of silver, studded with little gems or rocks, which is used around the waistline. It is typically used with a saree or lehenga choli rather than a salwar kameez.


One of the most essential items of Native Indian wedding jewelry is the ‘chura’ which are a set of red, white and silver bracelets used almost all the way until the arms.

Rings/ Panja

Often, instead of heavy jewelry, Native Indian females use the panja as aspect of their wedding jewelry. This brings together a slim bracelet with jewelry through slim linking stores across the hand.


Bejeweled silver anklets, connected to pretty toe-rings, are also a significant aspect of Native Indian wedding jewelry.

How to Plan the Best Bridal Shower

How to Plan the Best Bridal ShowerThis content is perfect for the maid of honors. If your best friend is about to get married and she assigned you to be her maid of honor, it is now your duty to throw her an unforgettable bridal shower. Now, if it is your first time handling this, don’t worry because we are your best friends when it comes to this matter. We have a lot of fun stuff in store for the bride-to-be in her last day of being a single woman. If guys can have a blast on their stag party, then so should be the bride’s squad.

Bridal showers have been a tradition that every future bride must take part of. Why? Because it is so much fun! Plus, it is something that symbolizes your transition to a new chapter of your life. A fun transition if we can add that. The move from being single to married doesn’t have to be boring and very “adult.” The bridal shower should be fun and a bit reminiscing of a woman’s single life. And if you’re the maid of honor, I suggest that you pay attention to the things I’m about to suggest right now.

1. Make a list of the people who will be invited. You want this thing organized ahead of time. Ask the bride if she wants it simple or crazy. If she wants it simple, then you can breathe because this is going to be easy.

2. But whether it is simple or not, keeping it quaint and personal would make the whole event a blast. I’m assuming you are her best friend so that means you would know who to be around and not around in this party. Don’t invite people she won’t to be there of course.

3. If you want an old school pajama or slumber party, renting a hotel room would be your best location. You can also just use the bride’s house and rent a DJ. There should be good background music in the scene or it would be so boring.

4. Think of a theme that would go for the party. The funnier it is, the more awesome it becomes.

5. Don’t forget the food! If it’s a quaint bridal shower, how about you ask the guests to bring food. It could be a potluck. If you don’t want to go for that, then serve the safe foods that are present on parties like pastas, chips and pretty much all comfort foods.

6. The drinks MUST be alcoholic. I’m assuming you’re all adults here so yes; booze would make the night even more fun. Just drink responsively of course.

These are the things that you must prepare for the bridal shower. Others would go for a male stripper to contribute to the fun, but in my opinion, that is really not necessary. You can have a lot of fun just being around with the girls and a lot of food and good music.

Wedding Decorations

In today’s period, a wedding is no more just the service itself rather a declaration of your reality through the aggregate arrangement of occasions. You need to consider 1000 things and take care of 1000 individuals to make a marriage party successful.

Wedding DecorationsPlanning a wedding is a huge mission; however, it may be amusing as well. Hunting down only the right dress, presents for the wedding party, deciding the place in which the reception can be held, is all a part of the fun of getting married. If you are in the midst of planning your wedding; it is interesting to learn that planning wedding is fun. A wedding subject may be carried into wedding desk decorations. Obviously, this will encourage the wedding enrichment. So, consider the subject of the wedding that will be effortlessly beautifying and to our liking.

An essential part of wedding planning is wedding decoration. There are many factors that are taken into consideration when discussing wedding decoration. The practice includes the decorations for the reception. Choosing the right flowers, venue everything is important. While planning your wedding, you are suggested to read helpful advice on wedding decorations. This can truly help to encourage you and to get your creative juices flowing.

If you are working with a tight budget; it becomes essential for you to find several economical but elegant wedding decoration ideas. There are so many reasonably priced wedding decoration ideas that are attractive, stylish and yet functional.

At times, even a set of simple candles or scented candles in bulk can be positioned in all tables in a wedding reception. Another choice is a gliding light, this sort of wax may be more costly than simple hued wax, yet this kind of flame gives a sentimental impact. The candles will coast in water, or in rich dishes.

If you want to have a different theme of wedding decoration, you may search online. There may be hundreds of wedding decoration ideas to choose from. You may make each guest to light a candle, and soon the church is bathed in a warm glow that speaks of affection and love. This could be a romantic wedding decoration idea that you may want to consider. If you are looking for a western themed marriage, you will need to explore some excellent western wedding decoration ideas. Just amaze yourself and your guests.

Colours and wedding theme, time of day of the ceremony, temperament of the bride and groom, achievability and budget, space to decorate and the total number of people attending; are things to be considered while planning the decoration.

If you are planning a beach or outdoor wedding; you need to use different wedding decoration ideas. Take some of the stress out of planning your big day by reading different wedding decoration ideas. Make your wedding a joyous celebration that is stunning from the beginning of the day to the end of the night.
The right wedding decoration can make a wedding great!

Wedding Checklist

Wedding ChecklistMarriage can be a very hectic event if one does not make prior and proper preparation for it. An organized ‘To-Do-List’ can help you to shape and strategize a marriage ceremony in a perfect manner. There are so many things that one needs to consider while preparing for an emotional event like marriage. Starting from finalizing a date for the occasion, selecting bridal outfits, to programs for looking after the invitees; one must take care of everything.

If you are looking for a perfect marriage party; you are advised to stay organized with your free wedding planning checklist. It is important to know exactly what to do and when to do.
Things to consider in a Wedding Planning Checklist:

– Choose a date
– Work out the budget
– Discover the wedding style
– Finalize party theme
– Order the engagement ring
– Prepare the guest list
– Choose the venue and reserve
– Research photographers, bands, florists, and caterers and decide
– Hire a planner (if required)
– Shop for bridesmaids’ dresses
– Order the wedding cake
– Order the bridal gown/ dress for groom
– Pick up the dress or make arrangements for a delivery
– Send out the invitations
– Arrange for transpiration
– Plan welcome baskets
– Book a spa treatment
– Decide honeymoon plans and make sure all documents are in order and many more.

Developing a Wedding Checklist is time-consuming and tedious. The event demands a proper location or venue that needs to be finalized. The place should be such that the invitees can reach comfortably. At times, you need to make arrangements for temporary accommodation for guests who might have traveled a long distance to attend the occasion.

However, probably the most complex and important task is to make a list of the invitees. This, in, fact, affects the budget as well. Nevertheless, one simply cannot afford to ignore anyone. After preparing the guest list, something that bothers you most is the catering. It might be extremely difficult to make arrangements for quality food all alone. Professional caterers are available in almost every locality, and you may even search for such service providers online or refer to the local newspaper as well.

Playing proper music can affect the overall mood of the occasion. Consider hiring professional DJs or bands to take care of all the responsibilities that make the occasion a memorable one. The decoration is another important aspect or task that has a huge impact on the invitees. Making perfect beautification of the venue with flowers, other decorative items; including lighting can make the event successful and unforgettable.

The happiness and excitement of marriage ceremony can turn into a nightmare without proper planning. The list helps to keep track of all the requirements. A perfectly planned to-do-list can make the event smoother and something to cherish for a long time. If you find it difficult to handle single-handed; consider appointing a professional. Convey your valuable ideas, wishes and budget; take suggestions from them to make the event successful. Enjoy the auspicious occasion and stay blessed!